Constantine Baecher is a choreographer, dancer, and teacher living in New York, splitting his time between Europe and the US. He is the co-founder and artistic director of Denmark’s Copenhagen International Choreography Competition (CICC) and Artistic Advisor to the Lake Tahoe Dance Festival.

Constantine is an active freelance choreographer having created works for companies such as the Royal Danish Ballet, Cross Connection, and KUNST-STOFF San Francisco among others, and spent 7 seasons as resident choreographer of New Chamber Baller NYC. From 2003-2012 Constantine performed with the Royal Danish Ballet and Gross Dance, Amsterdam. Currently Constantine tours internationally with the Paris based Carolyn Carlson dance company. 

Constantine has received grants from The Danish Arts Council and Wilhelm Hansen Foundation as well as the 2011 Albert Gaubier Award for contribution to dance in Denmark. 

Choreographic works:

Lake Tahoe Dance Festival: 

  • Proximity, August '15
  • 2nd Journey, August '13

New Chamber Ballet, NYC:

  • Lost & Found, April '16
  • Mozart Trio, March '15
  • Exaltation of Larks, June '14
  • Allow You to Look at Me, April '13
  • Slow Dancing to Kurt Weill, February ‘12
  • Happy Dance, November ‘11
  • Sketches of a Woman Remembering, February ‘11
  • All the Rage, September, ‘09
  • Arachnophilia, September, ‘08
  • Viduity, February, ‘07
  • Terzetto, October, ‘06
  • Wanderlust, August ‘05

KUNST-STOFF, San Francisco

  • The Excruciating Death of Saint Sebastian, May '13

Cross Connection, Copenhagen:

  • Halfway up the Stairs, Dansescenen Copenhagen, August ‘12
  • Palimpsest, Dansescenen Copenhagen, September ‘11
  • SOMA, Copenhagen Summer Ballet, Bellevue Theater, August ‘10
  • Chiaroscuro, Skuespilhuset, Portscenen, June ‘10
  • Chopin Dances, Stærekassen, April ‘09
  • Aria and Anvil, Aveny T, June ‘08
  • Deportee, Aveny T, June ‘08

Royal Danish Ballet, Copenhagen:

  • Recollections of an Afternoon, Workshop, February ‘11
  • The Ungentle Guest, Takkeloftet, May ‘08
  • A Quiet Night of Murder, Workshop, April ‘06

Columbia Ballet Collective

  • Fields of Study, February '14

Georgetown University

  • Looking Back, Moving Forward, February '16